Thursday, July 19, 2012

Best And Now I Know

Why am I making this face?  And what am I eating?  Why is it a face of some worry, yet I seem to be fully digging in? 

It's because I am eating the "Chinese Hamburger w/ Pork" at Panda Dumpling, a food item I'd seen displayed in their window and been so curious about.  I definitely was not expecting it to have lettuce and a tomato.  And no, that isn't my Four Loco in the background.  But there's a real sort of ambiance leant by sitting down to a table in a dumpling house one Friday evening to find someone's half-finished malt beverage among the sauce bottles and napkins. 

And the verdict on the Chinese Hamburger w/ Pork?  It is cheap ($2.50!) and there is a lot of pork on it.  Pork that looks a lot like beef.  I could have done without the lettuce and tomato, but I guess that's the essential West meets East element to this creation.  If you put a lot of dumpling sauce on it it is pretty tasty.  And I liked the bun.  But, on the whole, it is probably best approached after a few Four Locos.

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