Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Best We Had to Tell Chateau Adieu

Two Saturday nights ago New York banded together at La Esquina to bid our man Chateau farewell as he's now gone off to live in San Francisco.

And there he is, Chateau, across the street taking a picture.

The gathering was full of all-stars, all-stars that I tried my best to photograph in near darkness with my 50mm f/1.1 lens.  These are the rarely in focus results:


Andrew.  Who was in town at the time.


Chateau, more up closer this time.




Maroon 5 singer and the Voice judge Adam Levine.

Kristin and Ty.

The bathing lady statue.



"Goodbye, Chateau" says Hyeku.  "Goodbye, Chateau" says everyone.

1 comment:

bex said...

Don't worry. We'll take care of him.

(I'm saying this in a nice voice, not a mobster voice)