Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Best Sunday Evening Walking

Now, you hopefully already know that we cooked Italian food for dinner on Sunday.  After our Italian dinner, it was time for a Sunday Family Walk.

By now you know Ellie, right?

And here we go, into the Oak Park dusklight.

Passing familiar sights, like our neighbor's doggy water fountain (for doggies).

Neighborhood houses.

Earlier on Sunday there had been an amazingly dark and scary storm.  Here Dad presents his theory that this piece of tree came from somewhere in the sky.

Made it to one of Oak Park's main parks, here's our memorial to Oak Parkers who fought in the Great War.

Including one Hemingway E M

Niece Rachel.

Nephew Blake.

Low-energy playground time.

Mom and Dad.

Nephew Walker and Sister Kristen.

And, finally, Brother-in-law Cory.


A message for kids, I suppose.  Actually, a message for everyone.

A favorite Frank Lloyd Wright house.

And Frank Lloyd Wright's house.

Can you guess who grew up here?  Hint: He was mentioned earlier and he wasn't Frank Lloyd Wright.

Okay, one more clue: Read this plaque.

Houses were bulldozed and rebuilt and hammered together over giant pits to build this home.

Looped back, just a block from home now.  Let's call it a post!

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Joe said...

I go to Chicago a lot for work and always wander around Oak Park Frank Lloyd Wrighting it up.