Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Best Continued Cultural Enrichment

After conquering Ancient Egypt, Andrew and I decided to see what else the Met might offer us that Saturday, so many weekends ago now.

Well, we saw a Starbucks logo from a long time ago . . .

And this bust that Andrew said looked like me, and I couldn't disagree.

Checked out some samurai stuff.  Just like I didn't know the Egyptians were into rabbits, I didn't realize samurai used rabbits to frighten their foes.

This looks like some kind of Dr. Seuss villain.

After making my Bushwick Blockparty post I realized I take lots of pictures of the backs of people.  These knights, who aren't even alive, further prove my case against myself.

Organ loft!  For a quarter you can play it.

Enter an atrium full of sculpture.  And food.  A very nice food court, that's what it is.

Have you heard of "Stolen Valor"?  That's the name of the crime you commit when you wear military medals that you did not earn yourself.  I think the crime of stealing other people's family picture poses deserves an equally dramatic name.

And there should be a name for stealing other people's posing like a statue poses.

Indoor bears with indoor picnickers in the background.  So true to the outdoor way of things!

No more, sculptor!  You have sculpted enough.

I've seen boy with a goose stepping on a turtle somewhere else.  Can't remember where.  But no matter where I see it, I love it.  There goes such a happy kid, so connected to the animal world, terrorizing reptile and water fowl alike.

How can you tell me there's no unicorns when the Met has these ornamental Unicorn blood dispensers on display?

Visited my favorite statue.

Noticed other somewhat anguished looking statues nearby.

Well, if not anguished then very graspy.

Or smug.

Or tuckered out.

Alaskan stuff.

Afterwards: Walked through Central Park, where invitations to a tango were being made.

Saw this new public art where a plane is being flipped all day long.  Have you seen this thing yet?

Saw a married couple (or married-to-be?) walking romantically through the Plaza pigeons.  Silly photographer.

Introduced Andrew to the socks and oxfords of Uniqlo.

Saw the Spanish Mickey Mouse Club waiting around on the street.

And bumped into a friend's (if you know then you know) doppleganger at the Nintendo store.

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Side of Jeffrey said...

Looking at that picture, I'm thinking I should have joined the Mickey Mouse Club when I was a young teenager. The boy to girl ratio is like 1:10. Better than a Manhattan singles ward.