Monday, December 13, 2010

Best Christmas Blowout and Addendum

Saturday night Carol threw a WWII USO-themed Christmas Party.  It was off the hook, it was the jam, it was vintage, it was modern, it was well attended.  It was everything.  And more?

Here's some of the people that were up in that party:

Dave and Jeff were among the choice few repping uniforms.

I feel Chris pulled off the "I'm shipping off tomorrow" look best.

Jane and Jane.

There's me.  I repeated my costume from the Tom Cruise party when I went as Tom Cruise in the movie Valkyrie.  You know, where he played a nice Nazi.

Candice, Laura, Mariah.

My roommates were even there.  It was great having the whole family at a party together.

Jeff was in town from Tennessee.  Apparently Lauren couldn't believe her eyes.

Mala and Nat.

Jen and Beth.

There was a big line to get photographed by Josh.

Okay, Winners of Best Costume, Female: Maddy and Claire as League of Their Own baseball playing ladies.


Look at Steven's socks!  Creepy!


The partying got serious when Chateau switched from Christmas music to off-the-hook dance jams.

Karrie and Rustin.

Chaunte and Jeff.  There were a lot of great hairdos around that night.

Chillin on the landing.

Helen.  Home safe from Rio.


Inside the artist's studio.

I don't know that dude, but he seems to hang out with a good crowd.




Spence, my roommate.  Carol, our hostess.  Ryan, the guy.



This is Jen falling from the couch's armrest onto Andrea onto Monica with Hyeku getting pulled along down with her.


Jacob shows up, starts dancing around, driving all the ladies nuts.

Can you guess what mid-90's dance hit is being enjoyed in this photo?  Here's a hint: It's not the Chicken Dance.

Dave in council.

Grace and Evelyn in council.


And last but not least, Broek.

So yeah, dude. That was the party. It was excellent.

ADDENDUM: And now I'm just getting home from a gathering at Emily's house.  Less themed, less dancing, still totally excellent.

 Our hostess.


Jeff and Dave in their civvies.

Helen and Kent.  We were roommates for a month in 2009, did you know that?  Kent and I.  That's what I'm talking about.  And now we're neighbors.

"Now listen Jeff.  We need to take a real good photo for our Christmas Card.  Not another disaster like last year's."

Merry Christmas, you Animals.


Anonymous said...

love love love

Kimberly said...

I'm so sad I missed out! Was going to go to Emily's party but have come down with a cold. Would have been great to see Jeff.

Collin Mapp said...

Its so hard to live with responsible decisions.