Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Best Showing Up Late to the Party

Last Tuesday (so long ago now!) I met with some amigos for food trucks at the end of the Highline.  In spite of all my eating, I've never paid much attention to food trucks.  Perhaps I have been in error.  We'll get to that.

First, it seems the Highline is anchored at both ends by a glowing Uniqlo pop up store.

Next, so yeah, at the end of the Highline there's all these food trucks.  A pizza truck, a waffle truck, a grilled cheese truck and a Korean Mexican Food truck as Korean Mexican Food is the king cuisine of truck food.

I had three Korean tacos, a beef one, a pork one, and a chicken one.  I let the guys in the truck listening to the house music put whatever they wanted on my tacos.  I liked my tacos, I liked what they put on them.  In the dark I couldn't tell which one was pork and which one was chicken.  Judging from the picture, I think chicken was on the right.

The Verdict: Well, if you reread the above paragraph, I said I liked my tacos.  And I liked my Highline foodtruck lot experience.  Verdict on the Verdicts: I am willing to do this again, to eat at these Highline trucks.


M said...

coolhaus is sometimes there too. and it's def worth the trip over there just for one of their ice cream sandwiches.

Karene said...

Yeah, they rotate through food trucks, so it's pretty cool to go and see what is being sold.