Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Best People, Best Neighborhood

By now maybe you know or maybe you figured out that Collin was in town for the weekend.  All of New York rejoiced.  These are pictures from Saturday when we were hanging out in my neighborhood.

Walking down Lafayette we ran into Victoria, Lars' sister-in-law.

Collin came back from California really wanting to draw all the time.  Probably for his blog.  Or his job.

His thing right now is blind contour line portraits.  Can you guess who this is?

How about now?  Now can you guess?  COME ON!  Guess harder!

Here is the place where Collin ran his first errand for a certain famous director so many years ago.  A certain famous director who is very particular about his lampshades.  And his stop motion fox movies.  But I'm not going to give you any clues about who it is.

This reminds me!  I saw Band of Outsiders again a couple weeks ago at the Film Forum.  It was great, a definite four star movie . . . but also, I realized that Breathless is so much better.  How can there be such a disparity between four star movies?  I'd say one had to be a five star movie but I won't because I'm also the sort of person who doesn't believe in triple black diamond ski runs.  Just black diamond.  Nothing more.

Then it was time to teach San Gennaro a lesson.

What?  You think all those famous San Gennaro coconuts split themselves?

Rasta Banana.  My friend, my tormentor.

"Tell me more about this kingdom" said Collin.

For lunch I had the Rubirosa braciole sandwich.  The most "Ehh" of the fancy food I had at San Gennaro.

Collin, however, ordered the Whole Shebang from Byggyz and it was served to him by American Top Chef Wylie Dufresne.  Because it's his Dad's sandwich shop.

The man and his Shebang.

This is the Brrrwich ice cream sandwich.  It was pepperminty.

Post-lunching, some art further up Mulberry.

Classic SUVs in the East Village.

And more blind contours, whether those pigeons liked it or not.

And that's that for my afternoon in the neighborhood with Collin.

"But wait!  I've got another afternoon to tell you about!" (imagine that's a word balloon coming from this picture)

Because Pearl was in town the other weekend and we walked around my neighborhood, too.

Mostly I just pointed at things or held things, though.

(get a closer look at this one . . .)

But also we had La Esquina

and also I discovered that I can't leave hotel lobbies alone

And also we dabbled in a little San Gennaro.

This was in front of my house for a week and a half!

In conclusion: I really, really need someone to help me learn to post-process my pictures better.  Why does everything look so reddish?  What can I do?


Collin Mapp said...

The first time I ever saw Band of Outsiders was at your house. I think it was back when I was sick and delirious in your home. I loved it. That dance scene is something special.

Thanks for the terrific weekend.

Anonymous said...

Didn't I buy you the dvd of band of outsiders? Didn't we never watch it together? Or did we try and I fell asleep? Cause I'm known for that.