Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Best Look at this Stuff! pt. 2

Continuing with things I found while packing . . .

At church they were throwing out all these old visual aids.  I could not resist them.  That's the sort of guy I am, the kind that can't resist free old visual aids.  It is not always clear what each one of these has to do with church lessons.

I guess you think you're pretty popular, don't you?

Stationery from Mike's time in Japan that I am still waiting to use . . . and at the same time, I am only getting older and less likely to use crazy stationery from Japan.

My London Tube pass stuff from 2000.

Note left by lodgers.

Notes on a sci-fi epic I would daydream about on my mission and still think about every now and then . . . but these notes, they are probably 10 years old.

Favorite old photos from London Study Abroad.

And from trips to the Avenues pool with Andrew.

and LA trips with Matt

and my sister's wedding.

And trips down the street to Erin, Cindy and Marsha's house.

Visits to my apartment by goofy freshmen (who are married with four awesome kids now)

My last picture with Grandpa Taylor, taken at the close of Thanksgiving Break 2001.  This photo makes me wish for time machines.  Okay, all these photos make me wish for time machines.  But this one if I only get one round trip time machine voyage.

Favorite things from magazines

A Costa Rican birthday present.

Brother Hailey at the temple gave me all these Elvis DVDs.  These are just the highlights, he gave me stacks and stacks.

Favorite photo of Owen and I, uh, thirteen years ago?

Memento from taking Greg to his first concert.

As of yet unredeemed birthday coupon for a visit to Ninja.

Mom sent me this cuz she thought it was hilarious.  It came with a note telling me that she thought it was hilarious.

Costume ideas for my Dictatorial Costume Party, 2004.

Sundial/Compass from my Maritime Law days.

College ID.  That Visa sticker got me in trouble with a cranky librarian.

My Bible as Literature teacher's Homecoming group photo.  What?  It's not normal to have one of you teacher's high school dance group photos?

Hospice coloring books for kids.  Because they're the saddest things imaginable.

Mix CD from 2008, back when there were still mix CDs.

You should see everyting I threw away.  Watching Hoarders really helps when you're moving.


Kristen said...

I hope you didn't throw all of that stuff away. I especially like the almost asleep primary kid picture and think I need a copy of the O and G at my wedding picture.

The Broadobalds said...

Freakin' treasures man! TREASURES! (Especially the ones of baby Karisa--she is adorable!)