Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Best All Up in the Club 2011

Saturday night we celebrated Claire's birthday at Westway, New York's hippest dance club nightspot.  I go to hippest dance club nightspots more or less every two years.  That's just about the right amount for me.  Here is what I learned during my night out:

1)  I'm not cool enough to get into New York's hottest clubs by myself, but I have friends who are cool enough to come outside and get the door person to let me in.  Twice humbled!

2) I can't get away with taking pictures inside clubs.  Took this one, got pulled aside by a security guard. (I think they just want people to use their iPhones for this kind of thing.)  But guess what?  This is the only picture I wanted anyway, so take that, Westway.

But what was it really like inside New York's hottest new club?  Well, like Alpha said, it was something like this:

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bex said...

sounds so coooooooool.