Friday, September 30, 2011

Best Additional Collin-related Activities

Listen, I've been trying to tell you that Collin was in town last weekend.  Friday night we met up at La Cabaña/La Casa de los Tacos, just like old times, with all our homies, just like old times.

The pictures don't look it, but there were so many Collin-fans in attendance we had to use some overflow tables.

I had a torta al pastor, a chorizo taco, and a chicken tostada.  That was not nearly enough, so Collin and I decided to split a torta Cubana.


What I think we have here is bacon, egg, beef milanesa, chicken, cheese, another meat or two, lettuce, tomato, avocado, jalepeños and mayo.

There's my roommate Derrin!

Sunday at church Collin kept making his blind contour portraits (that means when you don't look at the paper while you're drawing) and this one is of President Buckner . . . if you even needed me to tell you that.

Monday night we got RUB burgers at RUB.  We attacked them, we destroyed them.


Such a wonderful burger, about four out of five times.

And that's all the Collin pictures I've got (besides these ones) but go over to his blog to see more of his drawings from the weekend.  You'll like them!

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