Thursday, September 22, 2011

Best Fancy Food at the Street Fair

Hello!  I want to talk to you about San Gennaro again.

You may have heard, from me or from, like, the New York Times, that a handful of fine restaurants opened up shop near Prince Street and are selling some very nice street food.  And Wednesday night I finally had some!

Alyssa and Chris had sandwiches from the Breslin . . . Alyssa the goat cheese sandwich, Chris the tonnato sandwich.

I had Frito Pie from L'Artusi, 

and a taco!

Quite popular and difficult to photograph: Torrisi's Chinese Nachos.

Now: Dessert time.  The runaway hit was the caramel-corn bombolini from Stellina.  In fact, of everything I've sampled so far, I'd say this is the festival's Do Not Miss item!  And what is a caramel corn bombolini?  I'm not sure . . . but it's deep fried and sweet and salty and corny and doughy.

But hey, there's nothing wrong with a good ol' fashioned San Gennaro Zeppole, right Jacob?

OR a good ol' fashioned Mozzareppa, king of New York street foods.

This evening I returned to the fancy stalls to try the Byggyz short rib sandwich.  Wonderful!

Byggyz doesn't even exist yet as a restaurant but based on this marvelous sandwich I certainly hope they build it soon.  Look at that thing!  It's a brick of fallen apart short rib held together in a brick by meat glue topped with, uhh, American cheese?  And peppers and pickles and stuff.  A great sandwich.

And here's something I couldn't resist: an "Extraordinarily Hot Pickle" And you know what?  It was pretty darn spicy.  I'm pretty tough and it wouldn't have been any trouble at all if I didn't get flaming pickle juice on my lips.  I had to hold a frozen bag of cake truffles from the freezer against my mouth for a spell to cool them off.

In Conclusion (if you're still reading): San Gennaro runs through Sunday night so you still have a chance to try some of this food!  And I still have a chance to try the Frankies grilled squid salad and Rubirosa sandwich.  And to have another caramel corn bombolini!

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Street Food. WoW ! this is the yummy food in my life.

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