Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Best Look at this Stuff!

As I was packing up my room for my move I came across so many things I hadn't come across in a while.

My uncle's overcoat, which I coveted to no end in jr. high because it reminded me of Gambit.  During law school my aunt sent it to me as he never used it in Florida.  Sadly, I was past my Gambit phase and didn't use it much either.

In 2005 I had this internship at Sony where I didn't have a lot to do, one day one of the paralegals ran into my office to hand me this.  For a moment I thought I actually had an assignment.  Nope.  I had a joke being played on me.

This is my ID from that job.  I guess it was a chunky summer.

This is a story I bought on the subway.  I never read much of it, but if you're on the subway, selling stories you wrote, printed, and stapled together yourself, I'll probably buy it.

Here are a couple very faint sketches of a theoretical top-secret Provo pop-up restaurant.  Where you aren't allowed to talk.

Drew this freehand in 2009.  Before Phantom Menace came out, before we knew Darth Maul didn't do much.

These I drew while I was in the MTC.  The first is a drawing of a member of the Jerks street gang.

Here is a "Big Daddy" Ed Roth style missionary.  This is actually a pretty cool little drawing.  Good job, 19 year-old Brigham.  But shouldn't you be studying instead of drawing on your notebooks?

From Christmas a few years ago.  Dad thought this was hilarious.

My Senior year of High School poetry notebook.  From my fiction class.

PlastikMan logo taped onto the back.

Many treasured mementos received in the mail through the years.

This is a page of notebook showing a time when I tried to see how hard it is to write a Sudoku puzzle.  I came within a few squares of doing it right.

Two bottles of Vitamin C.  Slightly expired.

Last year one of our neighbors was throwing out a big stack of old Highlights magazines from the 50s.  Couldn't resist them.

Birthday present from Andy from a few years back.

Seems I've got a lot more checks than I thought I did.

I just decided to cut this post in half. Tomorrow I'll post more of the stuff I re-discovered while packing.


The Broadobalds said...

Your finds are priceless treasures! I see Amber's hand in some of those postcards. Am I right??

Brigham said...

How can I say "nope" nicely? Mostly they are from my mom.

Bek said...

i really was much obliged.