Monday, November 08, 2010

Best Butt No. 3

After my elegant group dining experience at Blue Hill Stone Farms I felt something calling me, a voice from the darkness. A voice compelling me to return to the savagery of the Momofuku Bo Ssam (which I hadn't had for over a year [and here's a link to the first time]).

An army was assembled.  And we got down.

To start and to make it special I ordered myself a Sprecher's rootbeer.

We started with the Kimchi Apple Salad (back on the menu for the fall) and four orders of pork buns because we had 8 people at the table without prior pork bun (or much Momofuku) experience.

Since Leslie and I are well-versed in the pork bun, we split the night's special bun: fried pork belly, lettuce, and avocado with smokey mustard.  Maybe there was a tomato or radish on it?  Can't remember.

A plate of Benton's smokey ham, a plate of pickles.

Now here's a dude named Lehi who was in town from Arizona.  He told us some amazing stories, many tied into the origins of the Twilight universe.  I believe we were sworn to secrecy, I can't remember.  But odds are if I've seen you in real life I've told you what he told us or that if I see you in real life I'll be telling you what he told us.

Conversation interrupted by the arrival of lettuce,

Followed by a dozen oysters,

And bam!  Our shoulder (or butt) of pork!  Our beautiful 8 or 10 lbs of meat to be torn apart, sauced, wrapped up, and eaten.

First we document, then we eat.

I'm not afraid of oystering my ssams.

Not a lot of pictures from eating time as I was deep in the pork-zone (and very greased of the hands), but here's the remains of our meal.  We did our best, our best was pretty good.

Instant meal-assessment.  That's Micah on the left, Broek on the right.

Fellow named Tyler in town from Green Bay.  Eatin' pork, snappin' pics, my kind of bro.

We retired to the Milk Bar to sample black sesame or pumpkin cheesecake softserve, cookies, cakeballs and such.  Left to Right: Beth, Nat, Mala, all Blue Hill graduates like me.

And then we realized it was well past midnight, that it was time to all get home to our places of residence, and that we were a bus ride and a subway ride away from the UWS.  Good thing Lehi still had more awesome stories to tell.


Katharine said...

The guy I'm dating is in the same ward as Stephenie Meyer. Her husband drives a $250,000 Porsche to Priesthood Meeting..Is Lehi from Cave Creek too? Oh, and Brian (said date) used to work with Matt Lemmon when he was in Phoenix- small world!

Bek said...

why do you invite mala everywhere and not me?

Brigham said...

Cousin-Matt lived in Phoenix?
Bek-You know where you've been invited,

Katharine said...

Apparently Brian's dad hired Matt before he went off to Oregon? Probably long before we moved out here.

Scrumpestuous D said...

Man, I knew I was going to regret turning down the chance at a Bo Saam, but now that I know they have Sprecher... I'm regretting it even more. I like that stuff so much that I even blogged about it here, back when I used to blog.