Friday, November 19, 2010

It's Always Better on Holiday VI, pt. 3: All My Friends are in Westwood

I went to the new LA Temple visitor's center last Sunday with Grandma.  It was pretty neat, but got exciting when I came to this wall of pictures.

Because, whoah, I knew just about everyone on it!  Did you know you were on this wall?  I solved the mystery of where these pictures came from super fast: back in 2007 they took portraits on the roof of the church for a Church advertising campaign, now everyone is at the LA Temple.


erin nyc said...

Holy cow. You always find out great things on your adventures. I would have never known. It's like Jack last night on 30 Rock finding out his voice had been used for internet dictionary and a GE microwave, but ours is cooler :) I'd much rather be in a Celestial Life promo.

Side of Jeffrey said...

You don't think people age until you see pictures of them from several years ago. Then you do. Not aged bad, just aged.

Lisa H said...

Very cool, Brigham :) What's going on in LA? Actually my photo and I think maybe a few others were taken just this past summer. So fun to see all my friends :)


Robert said...

They're also using the photos for a new "I'm a Mormon" campaign, which includes pass-along cards. A couple of people from my ward are among those pictured.