Thursday, November 11, 2010

Best But Now I Do Like Wedding Receptions

Please, compare and contrast this post with the last one (please click that link if you don't know what I'm talking about, you might enjoy).

Last Friday friends Abby and Travis were married and they had a wonderful reception where I had such a great time.  It had been a long work week and I one more full day of work ahead of me, I nearly just slept instead of going, but that would have been a terrible mistake, because look at what a good time I had:

Important Details: The beautiful bride.  Yes, she's out of focus.  My point and shoot can be a jerk sometimes.

But here's the groom, he's in focus.

Alpha ran a photo booth, that's where the photo up above came from.  There were candy cigarettes and fake mustaches (two of Abby's favorite things) to use if you liked, but we just had Chaunte customize our chalkboard and kept it real.  More photobooth pics are up on Alpha's blog.

Blurry dancing all over the dancefloor.

I turned on the flash and told them to keep dancing and Jessica (sister of the groom) and Jess struck these posers.  What a pair of jokers.

There!  That's dancing right there!  Good job, Austin!  Good sportsmanship, Beth!

We popped champagne poppers at the bride and groom as they made their departure at the end of the party . . .

But the party didn't end!  We just kept partyin'!  Monica:

Robert, Anne, Austin.  What's with all the thumbs up?  That's what I told people to do.  Why did I tell them to do that?  Probably residual subconscious guilt from prior reception experiences.

Don't worry about Nick, he was doin' his Borat impersonations (for real).


Pearl, crushing it.

Chaunte and Seth.  I told them to give a thumbs up, he made devil horns.  This is a dude who knows what's up.

A word definitely needs to be said about the event space: the reception was held in a very nice loftspace in industrial Queens.  Every little girl's dream, you know?

Helen! Gabe!

Garrett! Katarina!

Believe it.

Exiting the loft there was this tour bus there to take the wedding party back to their hotel in Manhattan.

So we just slipped aboard and took seats in the back.  That got a thumbs up from Helen.

On our way.

Turns out everyone was staying at the New York Palace,

Which is right behind St. Patrick's.

Checked out the lobby for a minute and then headed to our humble little New York City homes.

ONE MORE THING:  I had to steal one more picture from Alpha's blog.  These two dudes were the best, runnin' all around, livin' it up, partyin' hard.  I could have learned a thing or two from them back in the day.

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JGP said...

Looks like so much fun! Wish we could have been there to celebrate the happy couple. Yay!! Miss your face and playing mafia which I think about sometimes and laugh.