Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Best History Repeats Itself in Dillon, Texas

. . . but something great about Grandma’s house is she has DirecTV.

In Episode 3 of Season 5, we are reminded that:
  • Dads are always coming back to Dillon and no one ever likes their dad to come back (consider: Father Riggins, Father Saracen, Becky’s Dad, and now one more).
  • Dillon is the home to the most eloquent ex-cons and ex-crackheads.
  • When not involed with Matt, Julie only gets involved with the worst older dudes. And why is this show following Julie at college? Why not Tim in jail? Or Landry at his college? Or that other football team in Dillon, what was their name . . . the Pumas?
  • A good way to keep a character involved in the show is to put them on the football team in whatever capacity possible, like washing uniforms or wearing a red hat and cheering from the sidelines.
  • Buddy has a son, Buddy Jr. And Buddy Jr., I’m guessing, doesn’t like his dad. But . . . I wonder if Buddy Jr. will be good at football? Or if Buddy Sr. lives within the boundaries of East Dillon now?
  • And we’re also reminded that it’d be nice to know more about Tinker and that Tami and Eric are the best. Oh, and that teen drinking is bad. Five seasons of teen vices and now they’ve gotten around to that one that.

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