Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Best It's On Now

I’ve been a little unenthusiastic about this new season of FNL, but last week’s episode (Number Four of Thirteen), man. It had me. Now we’re getting somewhere. Minor characters from seasons past are stepping up to play major roles (I never thought I’d ever take Mindy, Billy Riggins’ wife, so seriously or even have anything to like her about but now I do) and old major characters are still keeping it real (this week was a major week for Buddy Garrity week and he brought it). And while some plot points were predictable such as: “Hey, there’s a new kid in town now. I wonder if he’ll wind up on the football team?” at least these predictable points were executed flawlessly. Before I was prepared to see the series go, but if this season stays this good all the way through, it’s going to be awful hard to say goodbye to Dillon.


rob said...

Have we talked about how awful the Julie storyline is. I mean, seriously so bad.

Brigham said...

I cannot disagree, it feels like those weird Tyra plots from the first season.

Marcilyn said...

Rob, I came in here to make the same exact comment! Its lame. And they spend such little time on that plot thread, I don't know why they include it at all.

And of course I am ticked about the whole "Riggins in jail" thing.