Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Best Night Before Halloween

Got home from work Saturday night at 7:30, was reminded it was All Hallow's Eve Eve.  This party at my building looked like it was going to be real good.

There was a general not-costume-having situation in the apartment, so I got out my old costumes to see if we could hook something up for Spencer.

Spirit of 2007.

One idea lead to another, things got quite conceptual and began living in our heads.

Heading out, Spence in my old Crocodile

Me in my cat from 2006, but we weren't a crocodile and a cat.

We were characters from my favorite summer movie of 2010: The Kia Hamster Commercial.

Like I said, the costumes were highly conceptual and lived in our heads.

First we checked out the Stake Center where Jeff was Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Lauren: roller skating around, being happy, not wanting to be photo'd.

Nick murdering Chateau.

Whitney as a goat.

Where's Waldo?  Absolutely everywhere.  Halloween is like the last page of the Great Waldo Search these days.

Helen, fit fitness enthusiast.

Brooke.  Red Sonya, I believe.

Costume contest observers.  There was a Snooki, an Alice in Wonderland Cast, a Navi, a couple of Things.  The usual.

Out on the street, Hilary as a girl freezing in her dress from Austria.

An It's Always Sunny fellow.

Perfect bros for the Jersey Shore job.

Bryan and Sheena.

Where's Waldo?  Like I said, everywhere.

At 96th Street, tryin' to hook it up with Nate.

Oh good, there he is.

And who is he?  Dennis, from last year's SNL Great Day Digital Short.
Even though you have to put up with a commercial, you should watch it:

Now that you've watched it, you're ready to enjoy this post more.

Touching up before the next party.

Oh hey, Bryndee.

Oh hey, Rosie.

Oh hey, Tony.

etc., etc., Hey Austin, etc.

Rustin Bieber.  The perfect bro for the job.

Just taking care of a case of Bieber fever.

Oh hey, Jen.

Super obnoxious Jaberwocks and Anton.  Antwon?  Whichever.

Garrett, promoting his brand.

Headed off to party Number 3.  Party Number 2 had had some problems, the neighbors all around the patio we pretty mad about there being a party down there on a Saturday night at 11pm on the night before Halloween.  They were throwing cups of water on us and called the cops, about 8 of them showed up, looked us over, were mystified by the lack of substances, stood around, and left (but not before one of the Jersey Shore Bros started a fight with one of them . . . way to stay in character)

Hadn't noticed Jeff's tail.  What a fine tail.

Party #3: first chillin' in the dark, then a little dancin' in the dark.

Bryndee: Against photos.  Everyone against photos in their Halloween costume, I don't get it.

Called it a night, headed home with the roomies.

Really, I didn't get any pictures of Aubrey as Pocahontas except these?  That's weird.  She'd been tanning for months (or a month?) to get into character.

All in all, it was a good night, but I regret not making it to four parties.

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