Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's Always Better on Holiday VI, pt. 4: LA Wrap-up

Let's spring through my important Los Angeles leftovers before Salt Lake drowns in snow:

Grandma has a Norman Rockwell calendar, I liked the November painting.

Had lunch one day at Twoheys with Grandma, Aunt Louise, Uncle Bob, and Cousin Tom.

I had the clam chowder,

The chili dip,

And a small bittersweet hotfudge sundae.

Something else that I learned at the LA Temple Visitor's Center is that Moroni has an earring.

Then on Monday or something I had a chiliburger at the Boat.

And cheese bread!

There's a new Boat, it was my first visit, it's a good looking place.

With lots of model boats.

And a painting of the old Boat.

This is San Gabriel Christian School, where I went to first and second grade.

That's the gym, the cross was a little more subtle when I went there.

That bare space on the right, that's where my second grade classroom was.

Playground, lunch area, took music classes in that building, the rear of the gym.

Found this in the Teen Paranormal Romance section of the Borders by Grandma's, looks pretty good.

 Tuesday lunch at Houston's with Grandma.  We were the first customers of the day.


Their bread plate has changed and isn't free anymore.

Tuesday=Tortilla Soup day.

And here's the Hickory Burger, one of my favorite burgers there is.

Adios, Houstons.

The used bookstore near Grandma's.  Overwhelming.  Imagine a Strand no one has resorted in months.  Years?

Night time visit with Keith and family, that there on the right is a well-trained cat.

A blurry look at the new edition of National Geographic.

Grandma's powder room.  Some of the finest wallpaper you'll ever see.

Long day of retail cruising on Tuesday.  Exhausting, really.  But here's a fine comic book store.

America.  What a country.

You see one surplus store you've seen them all.  I don't care what the internet tells you to check out.

Light at a fancy fancy Hollywood apartment building.

Fountain at same.  I was meeting up with Mike for a minute.

After all that retailing I went to King Taco for dinner.

Was let down by the tacos this time.

But the sope was okay.

So I went over and had surprisingly disappointing fish tacos at Rubio's.

Then Wednesday morning I had these interesting Huevos Rancheros at Central Park, a new place Grandma likes.

Then it was on to the Bob Hope airport.

Adios, Burbank!

Adios, California!

Oh, during the flight I had a steak sandwich from Central Park.  Excellent airfare.

Oh, wait.  I've got one more nice bit of bathroom wallpaper from Grandma's house to show you:

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I love your grandma's wallpaper selections.