Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Best I Read Books Again: And Another One

And then, after Brideshead Revisited, you know what I read? The Momofuku Cookbook, which isn't really the right size for subway reading, but aside from that is a real page turner. Do you think I'm kidding you? Do you think I am making a joke about reading a cookbook cover to cover? No, I'm being serious. This cookbook is practically a memoir and it was quite interesting to learn the tales of the birth and growth of the Momofuku empire. (even if I had read these tales in a few magazines, but now I was reading the official version) Even more interesting, maybe, than learning about the restaurants was the little biographies of each dish, understanding the inspiration and origins of many of my absolute favorite things to eat, that's the kind of learning I like to do.

This is my Momofuku book:

This is the illustration and inscription buddy Pete made in the book:

A Larry Bird quote, but Larry Bird did not sign my book.

A night time mountain scene. The well-inked moon caused some sticking which tore up the quote a bit. Just adds personality to the tome, that's all.

And sure, many of these recipes are nearly insurmountable for civilians and their kitchens, but there are also many that one could pull off without too extreme an effort. Should this job that I'm on that I love so much ever end you shall certainly see a dish or two attempted here.


savoury toothed tiger said...

i'll come back for that

Sally Morrison said...

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