Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Best Third Time Was Charming

This weekend was special, Collin came back for a bit. We celebrated by celebrating his birthday at La Casa de los Tacos. Just like we did last year And the year Before.

We mobbed the place, as per the usual. Would you believe that, even after we called in advance to tell them we were coming, they only had one waitress working that night?

Jason got smart and took the solo table.

Brittany had the enchiladas. We all freaked out (in the good way), we'd never seen anyone have the enchiladas before.

The weirdest thing about dear old La Casa? That their cups are from the Hat. Of course, you'd have to have even heard of the Hat for this to be weird to you.

Unlike in previous years, we did not go to Emily's house to party afterwords. Didn't want to be totally predictable, after all.

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