Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Best This Is How I Found Out About Brazil

When I was a kid (I'm talking nursery school or kindergarten age here) there were these kids from Reno would sometimes come and visit their relatives across the street. And then I saw this song on the Muppet Show. In my mind, I could tell no difference between "Reno" and "Rio" so I was curious about this festive place the visitors from across the street came from. I asked my dad where Rio was, he told me in another country really, really far away. I was confused as to how those visiting kids could come so frequently from such a far off place and seem so non-exotic.

And now, in two and a half weeks, I'm finally taking my first trip to Reno!


Jeffrey said...

The alligator wearing the scuba mask in the bottom right hand corner at the end of the clip is my favorite.

Bek said...

i wish i knew the kid brigham.