Thursday, November 12, 2009

Best Hot Dog and Coffee I Never Had

I'd been curious about it for a while, and Tuesday night I finally tried out New York Hotdog and Coffee, a Korean semi-fast food establishment that opened a bit ago in the West Village.

Given the choice between a Korean hot dog and a New York Coffee, I opted for a Bulgogi burger...a well-seasoned patty (possibly ground bulgogi?) topped with bulgogi, kimchi, and cabbage with a side of kimchi and really excellent flakey fries.

The hamburger was really awfully good, wait, cheeseburger, I had a cheeseburger but think the flavor of the cheese disappeared among all the sweet and savory asian flavors that were happening in this burger.

As far as the hot dogs go, I don't know anything about them but Carol had a Perro Caliente and seemed to enjoy it. I might never know about their hot dogs, I'm pretty into the burger and would get it again.


amanda said...

oh man, i am always jealous of your culinary pursuits. i love bulgogi, and a bulgogi burger sounds like heaven.

Side of Jeffrey said...

jealousy once again rages all over my body. West Village, why are you so far from my world?