Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Best Important Party

Two weeks ago Carol had a Pie Party, this week she had a 'Bye Party because the rumors are true, Collin is really moving to Ohio.

Important people from all over (or who just hadn't been around for a while) turned out to honor Collin.
The regulars chilled.

You need to understand that there are rules that are to be followed at Carol's house.

Which Sexy Ben is sexier?

Newlyweds to too proud to return to their roots.

Some pictures wound up looking more like Ward Directory photos. (my fault)

While it was sad to be saying goodbye to Collin (who actually isn't leaving until this weekend coming up and I think there's at least two more parties for him) a lot of the pain was eased by seeing some good UWS people that I'd been missing for a while. For starters, Ex-Roommate Adam.

Not an UWSer

Jason, Caroline. Yes on the UWS.

Travis, UES. Close.

Marcus, Harlem. Too U to count, but WS.

Jen Fernie. Exactly the sort of missing UWSer I had been talking about. That's her trademark stinkface.

UWSer? 4 months this year, actually.

East Villager. Making her escape.

Rustin. A Top 3 UWSer.

Abby. UWS. (Those fingers=When she woke up Sunday)

Lindsay. The most missing Upper West Sider of the Summer. Hooray for reunions.

Out in the hall, Collin personally farewelled each partygoer, often with a walk to the elevator.

Brooklyn on the right.


On the train I met more UWS people.

Another farewell that night: Farewell to my apartment on 73rd street. This is me riding the train to Jordan's the last time ever having left the party early to finish packing up and moving. It was a grueling task, but now I'm back downtown, living at the Hesterly for the remainder of August.

I think you made me look tough, Fernie.


Cindy said...

I can't decide which Ben is sexier.

That last picture of you is pretty macho.

Bek said...

congrats, collin! briggie, how many moves have you made this year?

Brigham said...

I'm on my 8th home since I moved out in December.

Sheesh. I think I'd settle in somewhere now.