Friday, August 21, 2009

Best and I Put My Foot Down on Myself

I heard the news of this new slimmer PS3 soon to debut at the low low price of $299. Oh for a moment I was tempted to want it, tempted to rationalize as an affordable and fun way to get myself a BluRay player (similar reasoning, involving DVDs, is how I wound up owning a PS2 three years ago) but I don't even own a high definition television! And self, let us be honest with ourself, the time where it would be appropriate for me to own a new flat screen high definition television set is a long way off.

And I don't need a video game machine. I am a man of 32. You may doubt me, but I tell you that I've outgrown video games. Ask me when I last played Guitar Hero and I'll tell you "I don't know." Ask me how many times I've played Street Fighter IV and I'll say "Only once!" I have better things to do with my time, like work! And go to bed!

It is so sad saying these things.

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