Monday, August 17, 2009

Best Final Farewells

How many send offs can you have for Collin? Frankly, it would be impossible to have too many.

Wednesday night, a little dinner with Andy.

This is a dragon eye, it is allegedly a fruit. I could only bring myself to nibble.

Thursday there was a karaoke gathering at Kim's. No pictures. Sorry. I sang Crazy in Love as I always do. Always.

Friday. One last trip to La Casa de Los Tacos. Bumped into Duane and Christine arriving at the same time as me.

In we go!
We arrived at La Casa to find it remodeled and repainted. As one era ends, another begins.

Also new: now they're serving chips and salsa? Major change.


That's me. I show up every now and then.

Sorry, Jared. She's not buying it.

Gifts? Take time to admire it.

May you find joy in this book of kittens.

Settling la cuenta.

As goodbyes approach, the mood grows somber.

Stay tough, Dave. He'll be back someday.

Stay tough all of us.

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Side of Jeffrey said...

Collin's departure. I wonder how all of you are going to survive or why you would want to.