Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Best Good Weekend

My Weekend! What a Weekend.

FRIDAY NIGHT: I suppose the weekend began when I left work at 11:45. Don't worry, I felt like man. I'm sure Grandpa Taylor was proud.

SATURDAY MORNING: Before going into work I "helped" a little with Jeff and Stephen's move out of 33 Gold. Ages are ending left and right. Collin off to Ohio, Jared is headed for Utah, Jeff and Stephen are going to Brooklyn. Maybe I should do something drastic to? Maybe?

Stephen's Gifts! Now that's a box to be excited about!

Jared loves the smell of moving in the morning. It smells like...history.

I was lent a book from the Jeffrey L. Butler Collection, Letters from Theodore Roosevelt to His Children. Click on this picture and try to tell me this won't be the perfect thing to wash Ulysses down with next week. Teddy drew that rabbit!

Michael Clark. You remember this fellow, don't you?

Day laborers, their day's labor halfway done.

Once I finished working for the man I had a job Katsitting for Grace. I was paid in awesome.

New York City, what's up?

That night there was a very fancy blowout way downtown that we made it to the last 5 minutes of. Still time enough to leave with some balloons, though. And time enough to put in some super-quality Gabe time. Been too long.

SUNDAY: Church. Church time. A time to be admonished. But with love.

Afterwords I went over to the Highline.

I went with Duane and Christine. They gave me half a sandwich!

It was my first trip to the Highline. I was the very last New Yorker to visit this new park. It is, as you have been told or read or haven't heard yet, totally rad.

Back to church just in time for the end of Jr. Primary.

Blazer A and Merry Miss.

Mingling on the street, crossing arms, sizing each other up. Such are the youth of Zion.

What's Grace cooking? You'll never know.

Thank You, New York, for this good weekend.


Brigham said...

Okay, I've been resizing my pictures on my own and I haven't got it right yet. Who knows what the proper pixels/inch for a nice looking webphoto should be?

Side of Jeffrey said...

Wait. The highline is finished? For some reason I thought that was 2012 targeted...or maybe that is the Freedom Tower.

I guess I better make a trip to NYC to see it.

Anonymous said...

300 for print; 72 or 96 are common for web publishing.

miss kitty said...

since you claim that grace and your mother are the only people who read this blog, i would like to thank your mom for having you and grace for persuading you to entertain, inform, delight, and supervise me.

Anonymous said...

you're missing something delicious from Sunday.