Monday, August 10, 2009

(500) Minutes of Summer

Friday afternoon my boss's boss rounded the 50 of us up and thanked us for the work we had done and told us our project was complete. We could finish our current documents and then have a summer. I was absolutely stunned by the news, the second she was gone I was on to see where I could fly off to and how soon. Instant messaging made almost instant plans to get myself out to LA nearly immediately. Vacation. Summer. I had been thinking I wouldn't even have one, but there it was, handed to me with a smile on a sunny Friday. I worked until 9:45 and hurried over to Battery Park to watch GI Joe (we'll talk about that later). With a grin and a nervous preamble I announced to my friends that I was done with work and could join them on Civil War Island Saturday morning after all.

After the movie I had two voice messages. One was from Andy, one was from my Temp Agency. The firm wanted me back at work the next day. Turns out they were just trimming us from 50 to 12 to work through the rest of this job.

Summer: I hardly knew you, but you brought me so much joy.
Job: We've got a good thing going, don't we?

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Side of Jeffrey said...

Both congrats and condolences are appropriate here.