Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Best Journey Through Nighttown

Here's something I've been doing. I turn my ISO up to 640, open my lens up all the way, but pick my shutter speed manually. The results? Underexposures that I'm down with.

Good for capturing phantasms.

But in truth, last Tuesday Naomi was in town again on her way to London. Air Hostesses, they've got different rules than us.

We walked down to the Bleecker street Pinkberry because you can't get that sort of thing in Australia. We arrived and stumbled upon Sara. Small world, this New York. Even smaller when yogurt is involved.

If you see this fellow behind the counter at your Pinkberry you're about to be treated right. Surely our yogurt pours were far beyond regulation. So be it, I appreciated.

Getting a little help with our American change.



Paying the price of her vagabond ways.

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