Thursday, August 27, 2009

Best My Wandering Days Are Over

In the middle of December I became homeless and began subletting around the city. Since then I've called 9 beds home and had 19 different roommates. Many generous people have helped keep me off the street or helped me move my two ever-heavier suitcases between temporary homes.

Starting September 1st, however, that big bedroom on the upper left hand corner will be mine. For at least 12 months. In that space I plan to recreate my old home at the John Adams as closely as possible.

More, much more to follow in the following days and weeks.


Anonymous said...

Brig, that is very good news. And a nice, big closet. Congratulations.

Cindy said...

Send me your real address so that I can start sending you vintage mail.

sarah said...

This seems quite exciting. I'm looking forward to more details.

Josh said...

Congrats, Brigham!! If you're the master, who are your servants/slaves?