Sunday, August 10, 2008

Best This is What We Did Today, Mom (Saturday)

Saturday morning I was running out to buy an air mattress for my brothers but Wait! there they were crossing the street. The cab got them to my house so fast!

Brother Weekend begins now!

Took them up to the roof.

Looking through iPhoto, pretty much one of us will be squinting in every photo from Brothers Weekend.

After the roof I took them to my other must-see, Momofuku.

This is me, I'm not in a lot of photos in this post.

My brothers went absolutely savage on the ham.

We had the ham (you figured that out), porkbuns, a pork bowl, and something new for me: the sam gyup sal, which was grilled pork belly with marinated razor clams and an absolutely magnificent (Magnificent!) mustard.

Sam gyup sal ssam prepared, a salty and fatty voyage to deliciousness:

Finished off with the blondie pie.

Then we ran down to the bottom of the island and caught the ferry over to Governor's Island.

I was trying to get Owen pointing to two of the waterfalls. Fail.

There I am again!

Compadres sighted!

We were on the island for some Civil War reenacting. Here they reenact the Union chaperoning a Confederate prisoner burial.

Do you remember the cheerleaders from the opening ceremony?

The Cannon!


Saw lots of this Civil War Reenactor in the Summer/Santa at Christmas look.

My favorite reenactor?

This "wounded" soldier.

Back to the ferry!
Greg leaps aboard at the last possible second!

We go to the Play the Building installation.

At first, Collin didn't really care for Owen much.

Good son checking on his lonely mother.

Dinner: Shake Shack.

Just about all of us got what we now call the Hobbit Burger, a cheeseburger topped with a deep-fried, cheese-stuffed mushroom. Greg got the double cheeseburger with giant mushroom. Amazing.

Look! Karli and Hillary. They'd invite us to a potluck dinner to be held Sunday. More on that later...

Jared and his brothers. Siblings were huge this weekend!

And, if you were wondering, this is what Olympic Fever looks like.


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