Sunday, June 07, 2009

Best Work for Hire

This is where I'm spending the sunnier hours of the week nowadays.

Hey, there's a story/tale of myself that I wrote up at the Day Club, please go check it out. It's just the typed out version of a couple stories you've probably heard me tell a few times.

And what's the Day Club? Well, it's a blog devoted to the unemployed started by Paul Dozier back when he was recently laid-off. Now Paul is totally hired at a new job and I'm temporarily temping, but I'd say the Day Club is still as pertinent as ever.

Again, please go read what I wrote. Please. The draft is a little rougher than I remember, but I think it's still lovable.


niall said...

It's true, spectacles = beard = serious. It's why male academics endeavour to wear both at all times. Not me though, I'm undercover.

Kristen said...

Your talent is in the telling of the tale. I told you you should be a high school English teacher.