Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Best Up in Tha Club II

...No, wait. This is a fashion/design/nightlife/etc. blog. That's what it is. Anyway...

Saturday night. Everyone heads to the Pyramid Club in honor of Chris' birthday. As with all nights where I'm going to be clubbin', I start out at Hillary and Grace's place.

Then it's off to the club. Here's the man of honor, Mr. Chris Vermillion.

I don't know if I've met all the Bakers yet, but this one is Julia. She's in town to work on their kitchen. In the background please note an Advanced Style candidate, an older gentlemen camped out with some drinks and a sketchpad, capturing all our youthful energy for the ages.

Let's get serious and get down to business.

Luis is always at everything and always in such a jolly mood. He gets the spirit award.

What is it that we can't keep our eyes off?

The Dance Master, that's who.


This is just me in my standard pose for being photographed in clubs.

Suvi & friend.

There was this terribly annoying camera crew there. I don't know what on earth for. To ruin the fun, I suppose. I hear they were from Brazil.

Everyone: Hands up!

Best part of the night? "Beat It" came on and Jamar started putting on such a show that the Dance Master had to descend amongst us mortals to challenge him.

It was an amazing dance battle.

Ok. Here's the thing. Do you know what kind of a club Pyramid is? It's an 80's club. They have an 80's dance party every night of the week, I think. So that means that in all these pictures we were 80's dancing, believe it or not. Isn't it nice to see an 80's club that isn't beating you over the head with fluorescent colors or requiring everyone to show up dressed as a goof? Good job, Pyramid club.

Farewell, Dance Master.

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Bek said...

Collin is literally clowning around. And grace is pretty.