Thursday, June 25, 2009

Best I Do as I'm Told

Andrew had a talk with me a few months ago. He told me he was disappointed in me, he told me that I should be eating more American food and less Tacos and Momofuku food. This is a post to show him and you that, yes, I eat American.

First off, what's more American than a hot dog? (and also: do I look at all like I've been working like a dragon lately?)

I'll tell you what's more American than a hotdog...having that hot dog with Keri (who we haven't seen since this best post ever from three years ago) and meeting her husband Keith. If you were wondering if Keith was cool, just look closely: first trip ever to the Shake Shack and he's having a double stack with the deepfried, cheesefilled portobello mushroom on it. Case Closed.

Also last week I had dinner at this new place in Williamsburg called the Brooklyn Star. It's a southern-style restaurant run by one of the original partners at Momofuku. So, yes, that was what drew me to this American meal.

But what will bring me back is their Countryfried Steak. Enormous. Delicious.

Shrimp and grits and fried eggs? Why not.

Also very good: their Dr. Pepper Ribs appetizer and strawberries deepfried in cornbread dessert.

And the Brooklyn Star isn't too far from the Barcade, and what's more American than than old arcade games? OR falling in love with Gauntlet and digging crazily for a few more quarters?

But, listen, I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been Momofukuin'. Since the Bo Ssam I've been there a few times...uhm, maybe Noodle Bar 3 times and Ssam twice?

Something worth reporting is the Noodle Bar now features $20 three course lunches and $30 four course dinners. The selections vary daily and nearly never repeat and, qualitywise, are an enormous bargain--practically half the price of what it could cost to order these meals a la carte.

I've had the lunch once, they started me off with a radish and anchovie paste amuse boche.

Followed by raw scallops in bacon dashi.

Then a very decent little hanger steak with spicy greens, Japanese mushrooms, and beef jus.

The final course is a cup or cone of softserve. Presently the Noodle Bar features rhubarb and shortcake flavored softserves, ideally served in a twist. The rhubarb is good but the shortcake is SERIOUSLY delicious. Favorite Momofuku ice cream yet. No. Tied with the old snickerdoodle.

One drawback to the new meal-centric menu is the noodle bar has scaled back the rest of the menu. Most problematic is they rotate their old noodle bar bowl dishes, so you never know if the kimchi stew or cold spicy noodles or what will be on the menu. Straight up pork and chicken ramen are long gone, but the one with two types of pork and a poached egg is always on the menu.


karisa said...

Keri is the cutest!!!

Brig said...

someone stand up for me!

Coppertopp said...

I've gotta have another!!!

Anonymous said...

I really want to come to New York and hang out with you for a few days. The food always looks great! And you also look like you are having a great time.
Or am I too old for that much fun?