Thursday, June 18, 2009

Best the Blues are Still Blue

This isn't a post about Broek, Leslie, and Broek. This is a post about fashion!

Keith, Leslie, and Karl have started a clothing company, Launderette. Check out the website, it is a good place to go. Keith says they have to sell a few dresses before he can start selling bow ties so, for crying out loud, buy a dress or two while you're there.

Also, this blog is totally going fashion/design/cupcakes/headbands. That's where the sitehits are these days. Just keeping with the times. Tomorrow: Yummy lowcal desserts! or maybe something having to do with babies? Cute babies?

1 comment:

Bek said...

these girls are pretty. is it bad that it makes me feel less pretty when i look at them?