Monday, June 22, 2009

Best Respect Your Elders

Listen, I told you this was a fashion/design/etc. blog now and I wasn't joking.

Old people. They're great. From my grandfathers I've been taught a lot of important things and some of those things had to do with fashion/design/etc. Grandpa Barnes left in me a strong impression of the importance of Sunday Best and looking sharp for church, from Grandpa Taylor's closets I've inherited outlandish polyester shirts to wear in High School, Guayaberas in every possible color that I still put to use, great windbreakers, a great winter coat, and if we just had the same shoe size I'd be up to my ears in well maintained shoes and cowboy boots. And thanks to my Greatgrandpa Condie I've had sharp hats that wouldn't fit, a tuxedo that sort of fit, plenty pretied neckties (he never undid the knots), and some fine wool pants that fit in High School.

But my Grandfathers weren't the only stylish old people I've ever known or seen. You see totally cool looking old people on the street everyday. They're everywhere. EXCEPT, it seemed for a while, on the internet.

But get this: I found this a last week called Advanced Style. It's a street fashion blog, a la the Sartorialist and others, BUT ONLY OF OLD PEOPLE.

Seriously. How awesome. A blog just about old people dressing sharper than you or I.

Here's some samples I pulled from the blog but please, go check it out yourself. And also, a funny thing happened while collecting these images: I discovered a little game, a little game called find the old people that your friends might grow up into. So you'll see my guesses here and there amongst these photos. And listen, everyone, please just have a nice little sense of humor about this. I'm not saying this person IS you, I know you're not 90 yet. Take it easy. And also, just because I didn't find an old person that reminded me of you it doesn't mean I wasn't trying. And readers, feel free to play along if you can think of any matches.



Michael and Stephen?


If I had a really old friend, this is what he'd look like when he was even older.

I really wish I had a friend that was this one.

No, wait. THIS is Collin.
Jeff B. (Obvs.)

Hillary? Carol?

Jeff R.? No, maybe Jeff M.

And finally, ME:

Overall I give the blog an A+ for concept and a solid B for content (you'll see a lot of repetition of pictures if you read the whole thing) but, man, what a find.


Scrumpestuous D said...

Some thoughts. First off, I'd gladly grow in to that old guy. Next up, why is Stephen smoking a cigar? And finally, the one with the red beret? The second guy in that picture is Carl.

miss b said...

awwwwwwwesome. I think I saw not only Old Hillary, but was that also Young Hillary with her grandpa?

Yes on both Collins, but I think Jared's, although spot on with stature, was a bit boring...

YES on Jacinta and Grace and Ali. Good find on Jeff B.

And finally, I LOVE me in 70 years!

Also funny, the idea of a blog dedicated to old people fashion crossed my mind a few months back. I blew it!

Brig said...

Decades of enormous artworld success mellowed Jared out, but he never got rid of his sunglasses.

Brig said...

And Dave: Excellent job spotting Carl.

nerak said...

Um, this is kind of amazing.