Sunday, January 18, 2009

Best We Hung Our Heads in Sadness

Well, nothing ever stays good forever and Jacinta is going home to Australia Tuesday. So, to deal with this terrible disaster, we did the only thing we could: threw a secret surprise dance party in her honor.

As the party assembled, I put the early attenders to work on our Jacinta worked for Ace, why not Jacinta?

These picture murals are actually a real pain and having plenty of hands to help was a real partysaver.

Shortly before 10, harbinger texts were received and the surprise was sprung!

The happy claps of a successful surprising! (although I have to say, Jacinta was awful dressed up for someone who had been told she'd be watching Mean Girls with her girlfriends)

And now, we party... (Cobrasnaking courtesy of Collin and Lexia)

I believe you already know Necessity. Let me introduce her son, Invention.

You'll notice that I'm wearing a t-shirt that says "T-Shirt!" I got it the day before from a dude whose apartment I was checking out. That's how you know when you hit it off with someone you just met, they give you a shirt. Actually, he gave it to me because this is his company and I totally knew all about them.

This Brit was our hostess/apartment sacrificer.

And this Brit wore the same shirt as Reghan.

Soon Ryan, Rustin, and Ali would get their hands on my camera...

The results...

File this under Totally Awesome: Lars was in town! We had two Brisbaners in the house. These photos were taken during the part of the party where I was accused of playing too much "Guy Music." But can you blame me? Look how happy they were! (to make it up to the girls I played that awful Beyonce song that I promised myself I would not play after the Guy Music reached its apex)

A little room on the floor was cleared for a few rounds of leg-wrestling. Naturally.

Did you know that poor Ellie has had to work every single day since coming home from her Spanish Christmas vacation? It's the truth. She has.

Bird dance, that's all.

So, yeah, that was the party and here's one last picture of Jacinta. What will become of us all without her? Who knows. Time will tell. Come back and a year and we'll see how we're doing.

Coming Soon: Annotated song list, because that's what I like to do.

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Jacinta Maree said...

oh Briggie, I just read this and it makes my heart hurt an awful lot. Are you coming to see me? say yes!!