Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Best Teamwork = Victory!

When it turned out we'd be five last night at Momofuku I was a little plenty worried that we'd have to wait a long time for a table and that everything would just be chaos BUT we got seated right away! AND when there's five people, you can order a WHOLE lot of food.

Los Amigos:

We had:

2 orders of pork buns, the bread w/ sea salt butter and goat butter, burgundy snails w/ xo sauce, potato puree, and bok choy, either benton's ham or broadbent's ham, can't remember which, charred squid salad with ginger scallion and mizuna, the brussels sprouts, sichuan beef tendon w/ green mango and peanuts, the pork shoulder steak, and the pig's head!

I had never had the charred squid salad (which was magnificent) or snails (period). I found the snails to be very much like mussels--honestly, the dish wasn't exceptional, but I did it for the experience points.

Here's the pig's shoulder and the pig's head. I'm so proud of my amigos for gobbling up the pig's head with so much enthusiasm. Because it's delicious.

For dessert we slipped over to the Milk Bar where we again used teamwork to attack that menu, enjoying three of the new softserve flavors (graham cracker, orange julius, and rootbeer float), various cookies, the green curry banana bread, and a slice of the lemon pistachio cake.

My droogs (you'll notice an additional team member showed up for dessert):

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