Thursday, January 22, 2009

Best Hold Your Horses

Here's the trailer to the film that everyone will be talking about . . . eventually.

July 24 2009, that's a long time from now.

But what's the deal with the voiceover guy's voice?


Tannerama said...

The V/O guy sounds like Ozzie Davis... but I think Ozzie Davis is dead.

It looks like any indie boys dream. I'm calling that people will go ga-ga for this like they did for Garden State.

gregory Barnes said...

I had a friend that went to see it during sundance and his report was that it was "a very good movie and a really good date movie."
So there you have it folks. 500 days of summer is something to kinda look forward to.

Bek said...

it was all the buzz at sundance. i'm in love with her. aren't you too, briggie? i thought you were at least.