Thursday, January 22, 2009

Best Ho-Hum

Academy Award Nominations announced this morning.


Absolutely no interest in a single one of these at all.

Well, that's only 98% true. I'll want to know if Wall-E wins over Kung-Fu Panda because that will get me riled up and I like a good riling these days.

Remember, people, Wall-E was only good for the first 20 minutes.


Rustino Scar said...

20 minutes at most. i was bored...times 36.

Broek said...

Changeling?! CHANGELING?!!! Angelina Jolie nominated as BEST actress. I think they just want Brad and her to show up looking gorgeous. Which I do too, but snoooooozzeeeee.

Penelope Cruz was great in Vicky Cristina though.

Side of Jeffrey said...

This may be the first year I don't watch. Partly because all the movies suck (I can't believe they snubbed Wall-E for best picture), but also because I am giving a fireside that night.