Monday, January 26, 2009

Best 2nd Collin Post of the Day

I think you already know Old Collin.

"Eh, Old Collin is no big deal. Whatever."

Well la-dee-da, what's this? New Collin?

"Oh my gosh! New Collin is blowing my mind so much!"

"Wow New Collin. I really like how you are!"

"Look at me! Now I'm just like New Collin when he reads a book!"

Then New Collin started accessorizing even more.

The only accessory I could find was a 1:30 am Slider...which he also had.

Here's a chart for the data from the research on "Old Brigham vs. New Collin: Who Do People Want to Be Around More?"

Once, I was given the job-finding advice to get a pair of glasses to wear to interviews. Now I understand why.

1 comment:

Darien said...

I found this electronic letter to the world again. I think you had shown it to me once upon a time when Cassian and Darien and Brigham found their way to a cheer practice on the west side. I am visiting your city and would love to see Old Brigham and New Collin together or apart or vs. one another. However you do it best. Is that possible?

cheers. Miss Darien Lauren Carroll