Sunday, January 11, 2009

Best We are Mighty Warriors

For the first time in too long, Collin, Jared, Jeff and I convened at La Casa for some tacos Friday night. We ordered healthily, ate, and found ourselves still besieged by hunger--so a second round of dinner was ordered. Hmmm...still hungry. Third round was ordered and consumed. A sense of decorum and decency kept me from ordering a fourth round, but let it be known that Jared and I both left hungry.

Behold, the record of our battle...

In round two, Jared and I split a Torta Cubana. What a noble and beautiful pile of death it is.


marshall p said...

next time you guys are in town, we should go to dim sum. nobody leaves hungry from dim sum.


Anonymous said...

what all is on that torta cubana? i spy jalapenos and avocado, egg, some kind of cheese, bacon and different kinds of meats. looks delicious!