Thursday, January 15, 2009

Best Listen...

If there is a fourth season of Friday Night Lights it will be SO GOOD. If there is a fourth season of Friday Night Lights, you will punch your TV you will love it so much. And if last night's show was the series finale, I will accept that and move on, but listen to me: I would rather there be a fourth season of Friday Night Lights than there have been a fourth season of Arrested Development.

I mean it.

Additional Thoughts:
1) Landry is so awesome--I would love for him to get in a fight and say, "You need to realize that I have killed a man."
2) Tim Riggins is so awesome and he's just hilarious in this episode. "Where's my time, Billy?" Plus the steer. Geeze. I was cracking up.
3) It occurred to me today how great the actress is that plays Grandma Saracen. Or, better said, I realized this week that Grandma Saracen isn't a real person, which is almost impossible to believe.
4) This show has some villains and Season Four will be Good and Evil, Right and Wrong.
5) So Julie and Landry are juniors? That's my guess. That's an important lesson for TV shows with high school in them: never make it clear how old the characters are, then you can keep them or get rid of them as you please.

Friday Night Lights Season Three begins airing on NBC Friday night. Get your act together and start watching.

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Kristin said...

i just watched this episode and pretty sure I got teary eyed like 5 times