Thursday, December 11, 2008

Best Thanksgiving Time in California With Everyone, pt. 4: Do You Like Neat Old Stuff? or How Selby is this?!

Okay, let's check out the Greatgrandparents apartment by the temple...

We enter through the kitchen

And into the dining room

Passing through to the living room

Let's check out what's behind the secret door...

The office
Another view
The master bedroom

Apparently they made three-piece temple suits

The stairs from the front entrance

I've been coming to this apartment every few years (with a higher rate of frequency during my childhood in California) and it is an absolute time capsule. It looks, smells, and feels the same today as any other day. I kind of remember it as being a pretty boring place to have to spend time at as a kid (especially if someone keeps you from sliding down stairs over and over...not so much a slide, really, a thump-thump-thumping upon the bottom or belly, carpet beneath and between the fingers, you know what I mean), but now I just walk from room to room going "wow!" and marveling at this museum of old stuff.

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