Thursday, December 04, 2008

Best Guys, I'm So Awesome

Do you know what I did tonight?
Played Dungeons and Dragons.
The real way, for probably the first time in (at least) 17 years.
With a DM and three more guys in my party.
We were trying to solve an income tax mystery, I'm not kidding.
And during our battle with ambushing bandits I never got to fight at all because I kept having to mount or dismount my horse, tie it to a bush so it wouldn't wander off, draw my sword, equip my shield, untie my horse, sheathe my sword, get back on my horse to try to catch up with the fight because the bandits ran off through the woods while I was tying up my horse, etc. etc.
AND we met a bard named Genevieve!
AND we went to an inn called the Friendly Flagon instead of the Singing Griffon.
I wonder how different our adventure would have been if we had stayed at the other inn?
Oh! And my character was a level three fighter named Fred (I wanted to be a half-orc barbarian called Ace "Xyn" Margolies, but Kyle the DM said the campaign wasn't ready for that type of character yet). Fred had a +1 long sword and a suit of full plate armor.

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