Monday, December 29, 2008

Best It Is/Was Ali's Birthday

Ali's birthday is today, and to celebrate, Kim threw her a surprise party back on the 6th of December. A great way to surprise someone for their birthday is to have the party more than three weeks ahead of time, but also, in order to make sure someone can make it to their surprise party three weeks early, it turns out you have to tell them you're throwing them a surprise party. Still it was fun.

We decorated cookies and the conversation took a turn in the Arrested Development direction.

Kim made Ali a Cookie Monster cake because Ali loves cookies, and probably Cookie Monster.

Uh oh, looks like Ali hated her cake. Just kidding! She liked it!

A cookie theme came together.

But there was a part of the party that was a surprise, we took Ali downtown to see a midnight showing of the Nightmare Before Christmas, one of her favorite movies.

To get there, we took the subway. Which is pretty normal.

This is me being mad at Ali for deleting pictures from my camera. That's a major no-no. As you can see, she could care less.

In order to keep the actual surprise part of the surprise party a surprise, Ryan blindfolded Ali when we got to the Lower East Side. It wasn't until she smelled popcorn that Ali realized we were at the Sunshine Theater and then, like a mad genius, she instantly knew what we were doing.
So, yes. Happy Birthday, Ali! Both back on the 6th and Today!

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Ali said...

thanks brigham! you are the best! i loved my cookie monster and nightmare before christmas night. Who would of thought that is 25 year olds birthday party?