Monday, December 01, 2008

Best Thanksgiving Time in California With Everyone, pt. 2

Big news guys! My flight out of Las Vegas has been delayed another hour and a half. A lot more of you should be logged onto your gchats, or not being invisible, at least.

Let's talk Newport Beach.

It probably wasn't that late when we got there, but it was dark, and that's the same as being late. We gathered as a family in the living room and read Choose Your Own Adventure books. As a family.

Next morning the sun was up and it was time for family beach time, together. As a family.

And then it was lunchtime. We were having hot dogs, but I took control of the guacamole-making operation.

After lunch some of us totally fell asleep, some of us boogie boarded.

Beach time ended. It was time to walk by the other beach houses and go to the Spaghetti Factory. Because, when you're in Newport, that's totally what you have to do.

When I said that you have to go to the Spaghetti Factory when you're in Newport I wasn't being jokey, I was telling the truth. For as long as my family has been packing so much stuff into the car to spend just a day or two at the beach, we've been dinnering at the Spaghetti Factory. And it had been many years since our last family trip to the beach, so a sense of nostalgia and propriety too strong to deny had us there right when the doors were opening, seating party of 10 or more after party of 10 or more.

I got confused right before it was time for me to order and wound up with a dinner that was a little crazy--as far as spaghetti goes.

Tried to recreate a little bit of this picture from the Concord Spaghetti Factory in 2006.

This Blake, looking good but feeling bad (in a few hours about half of our group would be throwing up. The reason for this mass sickening still hasn't been discovered...and don't blame the spaghetti, Blake felt bad before we got there)

Me, imitating Blake, photographed by Blake.

Spumoni ice cream. That's what it's all about.

On the way back to the beach house I saw this dog on a stool.

Ok, I don't care how late my flight ends up being, you're not getting another post tonight.

And please, just log into gchat for a little bit, I'm suffering here in the LV.


Side of Jeffrey said...

Brig - question: Does anyone in your family deny you the option of taking pictures or give you crap about how they look in pictures? After a week with family taking pictures, I can't help but wonder if you encounter a struggle like I do.

marshall p said...

I was being invisible!!

marshall p said...

please go look at this

Areli said...

It was such a wonderful beach vacation trip.

Bek said...

now i'm even more depressed that we didn't get to hang out. i hate my life.