Sunday, December 14, 2008

Best Christmas Time is Party Time

New York's best parade is at Halloween and its best parties are at Christmas.

A big tradition is the annual Ugly Sweater party, hosted this year by Sean and his apartment.

When a Facebook invite has 135 responses in the affirmative, you can expect some serious attendance. These two pictures were probably taken a little after 10, a LOT more people would show up.

Let's just do pictures, ok?

But on occasion I'll pop in here to say stuff like, "Karen made this crazy good dessert. It was so rich you had to take it real slow."

Melissa demonstrating her trademark chest-pat dance.

See, Ali. I told you it would be fun.

Why must the highlights of the night always turn out blurry? I guess some memories are too beautiful to be captured in any way that would do them justice. And Hillary doesn't even read this blog! My flattery is wasted!

Sean administers the awards for Best Sweater (Male), Best Sweater (Female), and Tightest Pants.

Also, Friday night was Meredith's famous annual party (My fourth one! I can't believe it!) Lots of pictures were being taken by others at this elegant, it seems I took two.

1) Karen and me. I felt like I blinked during the picture taken with her camera, so (if you couldn't tell) I'm trying really hard in this one to make sure my eyes are wide open.

2) Riding home in a cab with Bryndee and Hyeku. Poor Sister Song was so cold, we tried everything we could to warm her up.


wandy said...

Ya, good party, and good *picturementation of it Pres.

*picturementation- pictures, mints, and salutations. You just have to break words down into parts to figure out what they mean. That's what I learnded in dental school.

Nerak said...

Woot woot, I made the blog!