Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Best Let's Talk About Christmas in Chicago

So I went home to Chicago for Christmastime. I'll be headed back to New York in a couple of hours, so why not blog it all now, right?

The really cool thing about Christmastime in Chicago this year was that Grandma Barnes came out for it, too. This took a lot of the heat off of me as I didn't have to be the center of attention and everyone's favorite this time.

For lunch on Christmas Eve we went to Heaven on Seven, which I hadn't been to for so long.

Sea scallops in an oxtail jerk sauce, yo.

The traditional Christmas Eve reading of the Christmas story...

Drove around looking at the lights in River Forest,

One house by the forest preserve had two enormous deer, practically elk, on its lawn. One appeared to be working on laying an elk egg.

Our alley, time-lapsed.

Christmas Day: No pictures. Figures. Let's not be materialistic.

Christmas Day Night I saw this Pueblan place, "Cemitas Puebla", on the Food Network. It looked pretty awesome and I've learned a lot from Dave about cemitas and tacos arabes, so I took my brothers and dad to check it out.

Of course, lots of other people saw it on TV the night before, so it was packed and we waited a LONG time for our food.

Portraits of waiters...

That's the line that went out the door behind Dad.

Dad got pretty sick of waiting and eventually got his binoculars out (we probably had to wait an hour for our little lunch).

Cemita atomica, deconstructed. The verdict? The food was fine, no better than Los Portales in Queens. Not worth the wait, not worth the struggle. But when we left at 2'ish they had closed down and were turning people away from the door because they had run out of food. So that's what the Food Network will do for you if you're a little neighborhood taco stand.

That night I caught the dog wandering around on the second floor...this both never happens and is also not allowed. Sorry, Kelsi.

Meanwhile, the cat worried about his weight.

More later. (it will involve me cooking on Sunday and the Mulcocks visiting on Monday)

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Collin Mapp said...

Kelsi. You know better.

Kitty. Don't worry. You look great. If you want to cut some calories, though - get out of those Lucky Charms.