Saturday, December 06, 2008

Best Thanksgiving Time in California With Everyone, pt. 3

Okay, let's get back on track and wrap up the Thanksgiving reporting.

Friday night was a night of suffering and terrible noises for the Barnes family as a mysterious flu or something seized half of our party (and, by a few days later, would strike all but Ellie and myself.) Saturday morning, most of the healthy portion of the family that wasn't cleaning up stuff found ourselves on the beach. So, here's me and Owen...

And just Owen...

And Mom and Ellie.

Owen and I were good helpers and went and bought some donuts...that's what sick people like, right? Donuts?

On the way to and from, saw some things. Doesn't this fabulous beach home look like it could use one more floor or something? In the back? Look at it, see what I mean?

Something important about the beach house is there's this great mural in the owner's unit.

And another thing you'll find in the owner's unit are my cousin Robert's old Choose Your Own Adventure books. They're what makes coming to the beach fun.

This is the beach house, by the way. And it used to be blue. I don't know when it changed color.
Also, it has a brand new bathroom now, but I didn't get a picture of it. Too full of sick people.

Before leaving, I took the healthy people entertained with a scenic drive which included a visit to the outside of the Newport Beach Temple (remember when the family visited the NPBT open house?).
While some of the sick people drove home to Grandma's, we took Dad and Emily to the airport.

Look, the that thing is being remodeled. So much complicated scaffolding!

"Hello there, my name is Brigham. Come with me and I'll teach you about how good they've got it in Los Angeles."

LA is full of places like Super Taco on Santa Monica boulevard where they serve Mexican Food more awesome than 99% of what you'll find in New York City like there's nothing to it at all. This is their torta de tinga. I suppose it loses a few points for authenticity because it comes out of a panini press but...

The levels of deliciousness found in this sandwich are unreal. The first time I had this sandwich last year it put me in a panic, I experienced sheer terror over how good it tasted. Not a lot of food can do that to you.

Also off the charts? The tacos at Super Taco, here we've got three al pastor and a chorizo and a carnitas and a carne asada.

Beautiful salsas...

And Mom did well in ordering their taquitos.

My first few trips to Super Taco were touched on in this post from 2007.

Before finishing our drive back to San Marino we visited the apartments my greatgrandparents bought when they were working all the time at the LA temple. We shall explore this amazing time capsule the next time I blog about my California trip!

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